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In tiefer Dankbarkeit für die wundervolle Ausbildung zur *Art of Allowing Facilitator* bei Flora Aube biete ich gerne geführte Workshops zur intuitiven Malerei in Begegnung mit der eigenen *HEILIGEN WEIBLICHKEIT* in Einzelbegleitung oder auch vorerst mit 2-3 Personen an.

Bei Interesse kontaktiere mich gerne und ich setze mich mit dir in Verbindung.

Voller Vorfreude auf unser gemeinsames Sein & kreatives Wirken


Erinnere dich an deine Kraft der Intuition

The Sacredness of Beauty
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Feedbacks to my Artwork from my heart-sisters

I see you, so passionate; a celebration of life’s energy, with a freedom to express yourself with wild abandon in daily life and onto the canvas, supporting and encouraging our wild feminine passions with purpose and connection to nature and soul.“

“ The gift I see in you is your free spirit. I deeply value your devotion to the feminine and to Nature. Your spontaneity embodies a childlike playfulness and joy in meeting the moment.“

„The gift i see in you is ability to WALK IN THE SPACE BETWEEN WORLDS, in the twilights. Your loving heart is so very much connected to our earth, it’s animals and we humans. Your perception of what you experience in daily life is remarkable and you bring these experiences deep within you.“

„I placed in my heart your soft deep Love of Mother Earth and all that is her, for me you embody her in such a beautiful strong feminine way. Your gifts of Dawn and Birdsong where such a beautiful reminder to embrace and Love her deeply whenever we can…. A reminder to stand still and breathe in her Beauty…for me your art reflects our Mother and all her aspects in the most magical way.“

„You are the loving, wild woman of Goddess. Your art is wondrous, beautiful, and so Goddessy. I love all the things you do with your groups and students in real life. You make me feel so confident about myself, thank you for your joy.“