The Star of David is known in esoteric teachings to represent Mysteruim Conjunctionis of the Alchemists ~ the spiriutual marriage of Heaven and Earth, symbolized by the merging of the the heavenly water triangle and the earthly fire triangle. This Sacred Union is also known as the Alchemical Wedding ~ the divine marriage of spirit and matter; soul and spirit; and the feminine and masculine principles.
Today as we see this alignment taking place in the heavens we can be sure that it is activating a powerful awakening within our bodies and on the Earth. In Hinduism the six pointed star is the symbol for the heart chakra ~ the place where God merges with us fully.
We are now entering a cycle where great healing and balancing is beginning to take place. Many beautiful beings have been working full time to help neutralize the darker energies on the planet through their physical vehicles. This has been a spiritual labor of love ~ one that required great patience and humility.
As we begin the great balancing, the feminine principle comes to the forefront to lead the healing of both polarities. It is Her time to step forward for many reasons. It is the feminine energy that has been suppressed and is in great need of being expressed again to open the Heart of Humankind. She comes bearing Divine Love, Compassion and the Undeviating Law of Justice and Balance.
All of us are part of this awakening. All of us are participating and holding space on Earth. All energies are needed for the marriage of spirit and matter to take place. Self-acceptance allows us to be who we came to be at this time and to know and love our Mother Earth as she takes her initiation into a higher octave of Sacred Union with Source.
Shannon Port © 2013, The Divine Marriage of Spirit and Matter